Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire

Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire

The perfect work/life balance is the holy grail of modern times – the measure of personal satisfaction that is the seal of success.

Many families feel they should look no further than Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. Lifestyle is the factor most often cited by people deciding to move here, and many choose to pursue a corporate relocation from elsewhere in the UK or overseas.

Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire
Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire

Aberdeen is a truly cosmopolitan city that offers a wide variety of cultural events, festivals and events, along with the fantastic shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife one would expect from Europe’s energy capital.

A legacy of rich heritage and tradition, magnificent architecture and sparkling granite buildings combine with contemporary structures and lots of green open spaces to create a city where people are happy to wander around.

Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire

However, what sets Aberdeen apart from other international cities most is its awe-inspiring proximity to countryside and coastline, and it’s one of the few major cities with a beach.

A wide variety of outdoor sports are available on the doorstep. You can pack a few Munroe’s, go mountain biking, canoeing or sailing, adrenaline junkies can do snow sports, climbing, surfing, windsurfing and even kitesurfing in the winter. In fact, the Aberdeenshire coastline also has some of the best surfing in the UK and has become a sort of Mecca among the surfing community.

There are a number of leading indoor sports centers catering for everything from indoor swimming, gymnastics and racquet sports to climbing walls and an award-winning extreme sports center.

And there is world-class golf, with at least 50 courses throughout the region. Royal Aberdeen is the world’s sixth oldest golf course, and along the coast is Cruden Bay, another gorgeous golf gem that opened in the 19th century. Time did not stand still, however, as Paul Lawrie’s course at Blairs on Deeside has a number of new high-profile golf courses in the pipeline, including two possible courses proposed by Jack Nicklaus and Donald Trump at the Ury Estate in Stonehaven. Billion pound resort in Balmedie.

Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire

For a slower pace of life, stroll gently along the banks of the Dee or Don rivers, or explore the many picturesque seaside villages that take refuge among stunning rocky cliffs. Deeside, of course, is the Scottish home of the Royal family, and it’s easy to see why it’s had the Royal seal of approval for several generations.

It’s no surprise that Aberdeen was recently named the UK’s happiest city, and Aberdeenshire was voted the best place to live in Scotland. The Bank of Scotland Quality of Life study measured UK living standards using government statistics on employment, earnings, health, housing, crime and even the weather. Aberdeenshire topped the survey with a high employment rate of 81.4%, above-average earnings, low crime rates and one of Scotland’s highest life expectancies.

Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire
Aberdeen City And Aberdeenshire


It’s not just the cultural and outdoor life that makes Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire such an attractive choice for many. The vibrant business world means the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving, as evidenced by the many successful businesses growing in the region.

A new regional identity campaign aims to capture this message. The ‘can do’ attitude and culture meant that the region was a hub of expertise and knowledge, generating many innovators and entrepreneurs, particularly in the oil and gas sector. The many small family businesses that have grown into international operations are proof of this, and businesses headquartered in the region range from engineering to software development; oil drilling into renewable energy technologies; from rich agriculture and animal husbandry to nutrition and food sciences; and from life sciences to living water to whiskey.

From the success of the oil and gas industry to a worldwide reputation and great economic wealth, Aberdeen has the greatest subsea engineering and operational experience in the world. And many companies are using their existing oil and gas expertise to diversify into renewable energy, leading the UK’s international move to secure jobs in the new energy future.


One of the oldest learning centers in the country, Aberdeen has long been respected for its excellence in education. Aberdeen Grammar School was founded in 1263 and is one of the oldest schools in England. The University of Aberdeen dates back to 1495 and is one of Scotland’s oldest universities. With the founding of The Robert Gordon University in 1858, Aberdeen had the same number of universities as all of England.

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