Building Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is probably the most demanded asset and it is scarce. This is not something you can get in a jar/bottle or pill form, although many have tried it.

It can’t even be obtained solely by reading books or dreaming about it…although both activities help lead to its acquisition.


Building Self-Esteem
Building Self-Esteem

There is no recipe for it, but there are certain things you can do to help create the right environment for your mind to develop.

I don’t believe much in counseling to develop self-esteem.

I believe that most healthy people could improve their self-esteem to maximize their functioning at school, work, and home.

However, I am a great believer in laying the groundwork and implementing purposeful planning to develop it. Once this is done it is time to go out and start taking steps to improve your self-esteem.

This is where reading, self-assessment, and conversation need to take a backseat to get out and interact with your surroundings.

Building Self-Esteem

Self-esteem encompasses quite a few different things.

Sometimes positive activities lead to self-esteem or positive self-statements help build it…but in reality, no one knows if these activities help build self-esteem or are simply by-products of an individual already having a good self-concept developed.

Building Self-Esteem
Building Self-Esteem

Just like developing your mind and body, you should work on developing your self-concept and self-esteem daily.

It is common for teachers and psychologists to say that you or your child has low self-esteem, but it is not so common for any of these professionals to design a plan to help you develop this attribute. Why not?

Well, for one reason, it takes time, a lot of thought, and some creativity on the part of the professional facilitating or training the person looking for this.

As an athletic trainer knows, you can write the best workouts in the world and if the athlete doesn’t follow them with the utmost discipline and motivation, they really won’t do any good.

Building Self-Esteem

Both parties need to communicate and share ideas and thoughts on how to move forward. Each party learns from their mistakes and improves the plan.

The plan becomes a living, breathing animal that almost takes on a life of its while at the same time propelling the client to new heights of success and self-confidence.

Each activity and exercise has a purpose and moves the client in a positive direction by focusing on and maintaining their strengths while at the same time improving their limitations.

Building Self-Esteem
Building Self-Esteem

Above all, a constant flow of communication between the client and the trainer is available for when the client has a question or an idea that they would like to express or bounce back to the trainer.

Building Self-Esteem

So how do you go about building self-esteem?
I have developed my plan which is based in part on the fields of psychology, education, and sports training.

Identify your personal/behavioral strengths and limitations. This is a critical part of laying the groundwork or foundation for developing your self-esteem.

Being honest and sincere here is essential and it is mandatory to examine yourself carefully.

Finding out what you’re doing that’s holding you back and impeding your progress is something you need to address before you can start making changes. Otherwise, you’ll be driving with one foot on the brake and one foot on the accelerator.

In addition to determining your greatest limitation, it is important to determine your greatest strengths. This is where we look at what is working correctly inside

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