Improving Self-esteem

I have written about what I feel self-esteem is and how I improved mine.

I am not a doctor nor am I an expert, but I have read many self-help books to improve my self-esteem, and I believe that high self-esteem.

Improving Self-esteem
Improving Self-esteem

So what is self-esteem?

Your self-esteem is not just how you feel about yourself in the present, it’s how you fundamentally evaluate yourself in the long term.

If you have low self-esteem, daily events can have a big influence on how you feel.

For example, a kind gesture from a friend or a good day at work can make you feel great for a few days. And alternatively, a not so nice day can make you feel really bad.

And let’s face it, most days are uneventful and boring, so when you have low self-esteem, staying tall can be a struggle!

Good healthy self-esteem is based on accepting yourself for whom you are: knowing who you are and being content, just like yourself!

Improving Self-esteem

Your self-esteem has been…

Built and developed throughout its entire life to this point in time now! And yes, you guessed it, childhood had a huge impact on your self-esteem.

All the nice, good, bad, and ugly things that happened while you were growing up influenced how you rate yourself today.

A healthy self-esteem will have been built from praise, respect, and stable influences growing up.

People who have been yelled at, regularly criticized, mistreated, not given positive attention, bullied, etc.

will have had a hard time developing healthy self-esteem. These are extreme examples, and subtle negative/positive experiences also have a big impact.

Things that happen that you don’t necessarily remember, or didn’t think much about, may also have been a big influence.

Improving Self-esteem
Improving Self-esteem

We all have an inner voice constantly speaking inside our heads. Pass comments on everything we did/do/want to do. And for those with healthy self-esteem, it soothes and complements.

For us with low self-esteem, the inner voice criticizes, puts us down, and gets in our way!

When you do something, like compete in a sport or go to a job interview, and someone praises you, your inner voice will say something like “he was lying, you were terrible, don’t bother next time.”

What you need to do is contradict your inner voice and respond with something like: “He praised me because I did well, it may not have been perfect, but win, lose or draw, I did my best and I’m proud of myself.”

Improving Self-esteem

Arguing with your inner voice will help you improve your self-esteem, start now! Remember this, YOU are the boss, YOU are in control, don’t let the inner critic bring you down!

Improving Self-esteem
Improving Self-esteem

Using positive affirmations to improve self-esteem

Use them in a meditation technique, as well as throughout each day by saying them to yourself in your mind.

Ideally, you want to relax at least once a day and just silently repeat a few positive affirmations to yourself – playing relaxing music at the same time is a big help!

Examples of positive affirmations to improve self-esteem:

Who you are –

I am beautiful

I’m strong

I’m special

whom will you be

can I be a winner

I can be strong

I can heal

can I lose weight

I’m going to do –

I will like myself

I will smile more

I will control my temper

By repeating these things to yourself constantly, you have no choice but to believe them deep down! You will become these things, and that is improving self-esteem.

Self-care to improve self-esteem

Improving Self-esteem

Self-care is essential to improve self-esteem.

Start by taking care of yourself physically, eating well, staying/getting fit, and getting as much sleep as you need, not too much and not too little.

Indulge yourself regularly by doing fun and pleasurable things, especially when you’ve accomplished something significant.

You must reward yourself for your achievements! Think about the things you like about yourself and remind yourself of them constantly.

Don’t hold back or beat yourself up for failing, reward yourself for trying in the first place.

Remember to focus on the good and learn to forgive what you perceive as bad.

The times when you don’t feel good or positive are crucial, you must find good things about yourself, no matter how small!

Improving self-esteem will come from doing these things. Enlisting the help of loved ones can go a long way in improving self-esteem.

Ask your friends and family to tell you what they like about you. Ask them to be your escape valve when you feel

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