Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic

I live in Stewart, Florida, which is part of Martin County. As in most countries in the United States, our economy is in turmoil.

South Florida’s economy is in dire straits because of our huge reliance on real estate development and construction.

Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic
Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic

There is no point in our lives where the real property does not play a role.

While real estate is one of the key steps in which our economy is based, the dependence of land-based cities on one aspect of land development is what has propelled Florida’s economy into such a free fall.

The local my will not improve until we stop taking the same path of real estate development in the past.

For over a hundred years, Florida has been legendary for its boom and bicycle. Until the 20th century, climate, geography, and geography separated the state.

While Florida today has 19 million people and is the fourth largest population state, in 1900 we had a population of 528,500 people just east of New Hampshire and Vermont on the coast.

Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic

During the same period, in which part of the state lived, people have changed dramatically.

In 1900, 70 percent of the population lived in the northern part of the state while only 8 percent lived in southern Florida.

In the 1930 census (the first census since the formation of Martin County), the population of Martin was 5111.

So why is it that Florida’s economy has a harder boom and bust cycle than the rest of the nation?

Our main industries today are agriculture, tourism, trade, and land development with Central and South America.

Because of our growing population, people want a “Florida lifestyle.” As the population increased, the farmers decided that it was more beneficial to develop their property for subdivision rather than continue to produce crops and livestock.

Over the past seventy years, our state and local governments have decided to allow the construction of hundreds of thousands of new homes and shopping centers, rather than encourage more diverse business development.

Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic
Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic

important the real estate

I’ve been a licensed real estate broker for over 40 years. During that time I bought, sold, owned, leased, and managed residential and commercial real estate.

I am both a CPM and CCIM and have taught various real estate in many schools throughout my career.

If there’s one thing I understand, this is the real estate business.

I know how important the real estate industry is to a community. But the government has only focused on one aspect of the industry as it creates integrated real estate and the business economy.

Land development in the south and north of Martin County has deteriorated.

Whether through greed, arrogance, or foolishness, our politicians have allowed Florida’s sensitive ecosystem to collapse.

Once built, these workers are out of a job.

There are no economic plans for the future … just the present. Growth is stupid for growth.

It is a simple law of supply and demand.

Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic
Real Estate Is Vital and Dynamic

developmental interest

What sets Martin County apart from being like our neighbors is our comprehensive plan.

As I walk down Federal Highway (US Route 1), I see a lot of vacant and underutilized property for development and redevelopment.

It is foolish to not take advantage of the already existing infrastructure.

We, as residents, do not have to elect our elected officials to lobby for developmental interests. We do not need them to collect land assets to expand and change the rules.

It is tempting to think that some people and industries need “fast-tracking”, reducing or subsidizing tax subsidies and fees. Isn’t a smart plan a level playing field for all businesses?

Why should I, as a taxpayer and small business person, subsidize someone else’s business?


Of course, instead of the world in which the majority of our current elected officials live, we should look to our counties and city commissions to develop the vast resources within the urban service district.

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