Series Article Introduction and Good Friday

Series Article Introduction and Good Friday

Today, News-and-Society~Relations, more than ever, our lives are influenced by the internet, our email communications, and support/chat groups that have become a key factor in the quality of life we enjoy.

These articles ~in this big Ezine font bank~ are a good example of this. Therefore, it is quite natural that what affects us through our “Net”, “Web” and/or e-mail communications will spill over into the Ezine Articles we publish.

In the light of these facts, the current name of my new Ezine articles series is “A Rainbow Reminder” and this is the 1st one. This and subsequent “A Rainbow Reminder” series articles will also be the subject of an article in the title ~ article, as this Introduction and Good Friday “A Rainbow Reminder” series article will do.

These Fresh Ezine writings will usually have emerged through “Spontaina”. In other words, spontaneous rather than premeditated material resulting largely from the stimuli of online influences and/or email communications.

As many readers should, we try to organize our online experience so that we find the first items of the day that best suit our interests. That’s why the best article banks (like this one) ask authors to choose a Choose a Category:Sub-Category for our articles to help readers easily find articles of their own interest.

Series Article Introduction and Good Friday

However, let’s say a given article can be placed in several Category:Sub-Categories. How do I choose which one to post an article on, making sure you find it? For example, this article could have been properly published in several Category:Sub-Categories, including: Health; Self-improvement; Spirit; Marriage; relationships; babies; diseases; News-Society~Relations; And God knows how many more! so funny

The reason I chose “A Rainbow Reminder” as the show title is because I feel like I can promise that the world will never be destroyed again because of a lack of knowledge and written information. The is sign is called your monitor. It extends to the unknown areas of the Internet and Cyber~Space.

I have chosen one of these Sub-Categories to make a point for this article. If you want to find my next book to publish, you’d better search for my author’s name by typing Russ Miles. It could be anywhere. Most likely the article will be in another Category:Sub-Category with “Slightly” fitting it better.

Series Article Introduction and Good Friday

Now, one last thing before publishing this article. If something I said touches you, or if you agree or disagree with me and/or the topic, COMMENT! Yes, express yourself! Rant! Praise! Ventilate! Clap! But at least share your feelings. Don’t curse. Such disclosures will not be made through the editorial staff. Yes, you must write your name and e-mail address ~ “Register once” to be able to post comments. Your “posted” comments will not include your name unless you ask them to.

Well, here is the topic of article 1 in the “A Rainbow Reminder” series. It starts with the last email asking me to submit this article.

Thanks for asking. I’m up I’m fine 🙂

Below can explain where I’ve been for a few days… LOL…This happened on MySpace :))

I’ll get back to you soon about what’s going on on my side… Well, sweet lady, Barb ~ How are things going in your new place, your A to Z world of sunshine and your body?

Series Article Introduction and Good Friday


Russian :))

Well ~ Wednesday was great! Still FRIDAY IS GOOD :))

“Hey buddy *Life~*Love~*Poetry~*Writing~*Blogging~*Selective Reading~*Laughing~*Fans of Jesus~*Other Spirituality~*Aliens~*& Deadly Madmen >>> Yes! I’m “I” How did I get here?” I woke up to wonder.

Well, I guess I better jump on my Disabled scooter, do ~a~ Mocha, administer MS Medications, Check for Fresh Scars, See If My Bed Is Still Empty, Answer Some Emails, and Maybe ~ Write an Ezine. Matter?

God Is So Very Good! Rainbow Reminder That Trouble Has Arrived On This Earth Yet God Provided Cyber~Space Vehicle To Rescue The Sages Who Asked What Is This 🙂

~hugs~ Russian :))”

Since publishing this newsletter, I’ve had some super messages encouraging from some good friends… LOL… Thanks 🙂 I’ve briefly responded to each request for more information on what I mean:

“I’m not trying to be encrypted. I still need some time to answer all or at least some of them correctly 🙂

Anyway, an unsigned message prompted a response to what I thought was Stacy. The next message I got from Stacy almost immediately ~ however ~ took it to a fix ~ a little over 26 hours ago since I opened it 🙂

The message was simply, “Stacy? This is Brandon.” Series Article Introduction and Good Friday

To read more about my new friend, I immediately jumped to Brandon’s “My Poetic Mystery” profile ~. Once there, I recently read an article

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