Should Your Child Watch TV News?

Should Your Child Watch TV News?

Children more than ever before, countless, sometimes traumatizing,
news events on TV. Violent crime and bad news don’t seem to have dwindled.
Foreign wars, natural disasters, terrorism, murders, child abuse incidents,
and medical epidemics fill our newsletters every day. I’m not even talking about the pain
The last wave of school shootings.

Should Your Child Watch TV News?
Should Your Child Watch TV News?

All this interferes with the innocent world of children. As psychologists
Let’s say children are like sponges and they absorb everything that goes on around them.
How deeply does watching TV news really affect them? how careful
parents need to watch the news feed coming home and how
Do they find an approach that works?

To answer these questions, we turned to a panel of experienced presenters, Peter

the complexity of raising your own vulnerable children in a news-filled environment

Picture this: 6:30 PM After a tiring day at the office, my mom is busy
preparing dinner. Parked her 9-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son in front of her
your TV.

“Play Nintendo until dinner is ready,” he instructs the little ones.
start flipping channels instead.

On the “NBC News Tonight” show, Tom Brokaw said that a gunman was killed in Atlanta.
killed all three of his wife, daughter and son with a hammer before continuing
a gun attack that left nine dead.

Should Your Child Watch TV News?
Should Your Child Watch TV News?

In “World News Tonight” Peter Jennings describes how a jumbo jet plane
More than 300 passengers hit a spinning metal fireball in Hong Kong

There is a news about 2000 earthquakes in Turkey on CNN.
people killed.

The Discovery channel has a timely special about hurricanes and tornadoes. terror created by children. Hurricane Dennis has already hit, Floyd incoming. Finally, they see local news about a roller coaster crash in New York.
Jersey amusement park that killed a mother and her eight-year-old daughter. Nintendo has never been so immersive.

“Dinner is ready!” With this menacing potpourri of TV news.

What is wrong with this picture?

“There’s a lot of wrong with this, but it can’t be fixed that easily,” says Linda.
Ellerbee, creator and host of the award-winning news report “Nick News”
Program for 8-13 year olds aired on Nickelodeon.

“Watching blood and gore on TV is NOT good for kids and is useless. there is also a lot to improve the lives of adults,” says the anchor, Inform children about world events without terrorizing them. “We drink
stretching children’s brains and there’s nothing we can’t cover”prohibition, the death penalty, and Sudanese slaves.

Should Your Child Watch TV News?

But Ellerbee stresses the need for parental control.
children from baseless fears. “During the Oklahoma City bombing, there
They were horrific images of children injured and killed,” Ellerbee recalls.
He wanted to know if they were safe in their beds. in studies carried out by
We’ve learned from Nickelodeon that kids find the news the most frightening.
on TV.

If it happened in Littleton, you must reassure your children time and time again,
that they’ll be fine – the reason this story is news is because BT
NEVER EVER. The news is the exception…no one goes on the air
happily and reports how many planes have landed safely!

Then it’s really up to the parents to watch what their kids are watching.
and argue with them”

Still, new research on the role of media in children’s lives Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 95% of the nation’s children 8-18 year olds watch TV without their parents.

How does Ellerbee see the typical scenario of the distressed mother above?

“My mother is beaten here. Where is my father?” Ellerbee asks. Maybe at work or to live separately from my mother or to disappear altogether. “True. Most parents are working as hard as they can because we
living in a society where a single income no longer cuts it off”

They’re not using the TV as babysitters because they’re going for a manicure!”
Says the 48-year-old anchor.

“These mothers struggle to make ends meet and they do it because
they need help. I don’t think the kids will be watching [that much TV].
parents were organizing a touchscreen football match at home.

“When I need TV as a babysitter,” says Shriver, who left the elaborate TV show.
Viewing the instructions on the back while traveling, “I put a safe video. I don’t care
that my kids watched ‘Beautiful Woman’ or ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’
3000 times. Even if they watch an hour of local news

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