The Fundamentals For Success

Have you ever spent time reflecting on the existence and functioning of everything around you,

including human beings? If so, what have been your conclusions? If you haven’t,

I suggest you take a minute or two and do a little research exercise.

Wherever you are right now, I suggest you look around you and

take a very careful look at everything you can see, including the sky.

The Fundamentals For Success
The Fundamentals For Success

The Fundamentals For Success

If I say that you have seen hundreds of things in a few minutes,

I do not think that is an exaggeration.

Now, if I may ask, what do you think they all have in common?

This may seem like a strange question,

but it is worth pondering as it is important to our existence as they have at least one thing in common.

The sun, the air you breathe right now, your appliances,

the electricity you use almost every minute of your life,

the car you drive, your pets, flowers and plants, even yourself,

I mean everything that is under the Universe-they all have one thing in common.

That is, the Laws fully govern its existence and operation.
In other words, you are living in a world that is completely governed by laws.

Whether you realize it or not, anything that happens to you is a result of abuse

or ignorance of one or some of these laws or as a result of their application.

Therefore, certain laws also govern success, since it is a phenomenon of the world.

If you yearn for success, you need to know and obey its laws and principles,

at least the basic ones. Even when you succeed, you still have to obey its laws,

otherwise, instead of giving you an avalanche of joy and happiness, it is likely to leave the opposite behind.

The Fundamentals For Success
The Fundamentals For Success

The Fundamentals For Success

After this discovery, there are two questions worth asking.

What is your meaning of life? Also, what do you think is the reason you are here on earth?

Do you think you are here on earth by accident?

These questions are very important and deserve reflection,

as your success depends on their answers.

Your inability to answer them correctly is like a student studying physics for a history exam.

I let you imagine what the result would be.

These questions have intrigued countless prominent philosophers for thousands of years.

While many of them have thrown in their towels, others have had wild guesses.

Research by Dr. Hugh Moorhead, professor of philosophy at North-eastern Illinois University,

confirms this difficulty in finding meaning in life.

He wrote to 250 leading philosophers, scientists,

writers, and other intellectuals from around the world,

asking them what they think the meaning of life is, and then published his answers in a book.

While some gave guessed answers,

others admitted that they had just created a purpose for their lives

, and the rest admitted that they had no idea.

The Fundamentals For Success
The Fundamentals For Success

The Fundamentals For Success

The universal opinion about life is that everything is about our personality,

our vocation, what we eat or drink, what we do in our free time, etc.

Most people believe that if they can earn a lot of money,

they have expensive dresses. , eat what you want; they live an exorbitant life,

so they assume they are having a wonderful life.

Real-life comes from total commitment to God, the Creator of life.

Total commitment to God requires discipline, sacrifice, and hard work,

and this is why most people never find or have a successful life.

At first, it may not seem as much fun as the popular way of living,

but gradually, as our relationship with God deepens,

it strengthens our character and brings forth peace of mind and deep contentment.

The long-term rewards of obeying God are unimaginable.

The Fundamentals For Success

The answer to the second question is that we are here on earth to be prepared for eternity.

We were brought here to love and fellowship with one another and to learn to love and worship God.

These are timeless activities because they are the ones that prevail in Heaven.

As we learn to glorify God from all of his creation around us,

we also learn to love both God and our fellow human beings by living in fellowship with other people

and sharing all of God’s potentials, gifts, and limitless blessings with them.

By doing this, happiness is inevitable.

The principle that says: “Do to others what you expect them to do to you

” is one of the most classic values that are not only worth knowing,

but also respecting. This is the most recognized principle, but the most ignored.

Many people have expressed it differently.

A popular saying goes: “As you dress your bed, so you lie down on it”

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