The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis is a wonderful technique for assisting you in bringing about the changes you desire, but that isn’t what I’m going to be writing about here.

The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis
The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis

Here I’m going to introduce you to The Other Sort of Self-Hypnosis (TOSSH). TOSSH is a much more powerful vehicle for change than traditional Self-Hypnosis.

The only problem with it is that it tends to be used self-destructively.

Consequently, if you intend to use Self-Hypnosis to bring about desirable change then you need, at the very least, an awareness of TOSSH and how it can undo what you are trying to achieve.

TOSSH is the reason why Self-Hypnosis might appear to be not working.

I’ll give you an example of TOSSH from my own life.

The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis

I’m not as fit as I used to be. I’m not as fit as I need to be. I spend far too much time sitting down writing, making hypnosis CDs, and helping people find a way out of the particular Hell they’ve found themselves in.

All of these activities I find very enjoyable, but I gave myself a few days off and on one of those days I visited a place called Llanberis in North Wales, which is conveniently placed next to a small mountain called Snow don.

The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis
The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis

There is a path to the top of the mountain from here. This path is not difficult for a fit individual to make it to the top.

For someone, less fit it’s a bit, or a lot, of a struggle, especially the very bottom part of the path. I’d walked along this path a few years ago and found it an easy walk.

On my most recent visit, I struggled. Now there was a small lake (a curie or cwm) that I’d seen on the map and I wanted to get at least that far.

When I set off, in high spirits, sun blazing, warm enough to walk in a shirt, and plenty of water with me I anticipated an enjoyable stroll.

I remembered that the beginning was difficult and then got much easier, but this time I couldn’t find the easy bit.

I kept looking for it but it wasn’t there. Nor was I helped by the gale-force wind that was blowing in my face down the mountain.

My heart rate was rapid. My rest stops got closer and closer, and it wasn’t long before I decided that I’d had enough and that I was going to fail in my attempt to reach the lake.

I was also going to fail even to get as far along the path as I’d done on my last visit.

The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis
The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis

The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis

That was when I realized what was going on.

That was when I realized I’d been engaging in TOSSH from even before I left home.

I’d been telling myself I wasn’t fit enough before I set foot on the mountain. It was true, I wasn’t as fit as the last time, but it was also true that I didn’t know how fit I wasn’t, so I didn’t know how well I would be able to perform or not.

I just didn’t know, but I kept telling myself I did – TOSSH.

I started to backtrack my thinking.

Up the mountain I’d been listening to this voice in my mind (TOSSH) that was telling me that this was too difficult, I was going to kill myself, I was going to precipitate a heart attack alone on a mountain miles from any medical help; my legs would seize up;

The Other Sort of Self Hypnosis

I knew what I wanted to feel – but the lake was a long way up and I was already struggling.

Now anyone who has walked in hill country knows that wonderful horizon effect where you head for the top and when you get there there’s another top just beyond and so it goes on.

Snow don is like that. So I Tosh’s myself into believing that I’d just go that hundred, two hundred yards to the next high point and see how I felt. And I just kept doing that.

I kept reminding myself how I wanted to feel when I got back down again. Eventually, I ended up where I wanted to go.

I felt as good as I wanted to feel. I came home with a sense of achievement, rather than a sense of failure

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