Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

Another year goes by and I keep wondering; What the hell are we doing with society, this planet, and the people on it? If this is the age of plenty and so much for so many, why are millions living in poverty or starving?

Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society
Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

As we gobble up natural resources and dump massive amounts of waste into our environment, why do we work so hard to compete for more of just about everything?

What we don’t need! As we are pushed around by the great machines of free enterprise, we strain and wonder what we can do now.

Something is seriously wrong with our social structure and behavior. We’ve come a long way since the cave days, but our strides toward the good life seem to have peaked a while ago.

Many facets of society have become faster, tighter, and somewhat nastier, and commerce has been running the show.

Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

But personally, life is good depending on one’s sense of values, and I am optimistic about seeing a sane and just civilization ahead.

Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society
Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

Big changes will be needed in the way we do business, treat the poor, and value simplicity and peaceful lifestyles over materialistic ‘achievement’.

But we can and we will. I know there is a lot of talks out there, especially on the internet, as many are concerned and getting involved.

Anyway, the birthday boy has some comments about getting to the big 76 and being happy about the results of the ride here, potholes and all.

I enjoy my relaxed life and my most valuable assets: my family. A loving wife, two perfect children, and two wonderful grandchildren. WOOF!

Sure we face a lot of bad NEWS, but we have always had bad news.

There are just more people here now, and then there is the sensationalism value of the shock to the media guys who are making the most of what will grab the consumer’s attention and give them a little more profit.

Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

But looking positively, a lot of good things happen most days when I turn another page.

Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society
Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

I feel good when I pass an uptown 100-year-old senior who makes a point of getting my attention, to exchange smiles.

I can imagine his many years of good living with good friends and family, problems handled wisely, and with a kind and positive attitude.

And without guilt, since they probably buried negative experiences long ago, as we all should.

I often get a nice greeting or polite gesture from a teenager.

Even a tough-looking kid will probably smile back if you just give him one first as most people do. He just seemed a bit unfriendly, he had a lot on his mind. I remember.

Who benefits more, the one who gives or the one who receives a friendly expression? Maybe it’s a draw.

A while ago I was picking up a small bouquet at the supermarket; It wasn’t Valentine’s Day and it was early in the morning, around 8:30 am.

As I walked towards the entrance of the store, a very old man between 90 and 100 years old slowly came out.

He was wearing a sports jacket and tie and was carrying a small bouquet. I wondered if he was heading for some happy or sad times. Either way, lots of lovely memories, I’m sure of that.

Thoughts of a Senior on Life and Society

Aging has some drawbacks and one of the most common is a weakened memory system.

A blank space can appear at any time, like a person’s name, and it can be embarrassing unless you’ve stopped feeling embarrassed. There is one thing I constantly forget; I can’t remember exactly what, but it’s not a big deal anyway.

A doctor told me that this is a common problem as one gets older, offered some suggestions, and concluded that it was fine, for a boy my age.

But I’m not quite sure what a vet should know about my mental well-being anyway.

Eye floaters, objects, and spots that reside in the field of vision for a time are common.

Last week I chased fruit flies around the kitchen with no luck and I’m not sure there were any.

Creativity may not diminish as much as many think. Just this year I perfected a way to save water.

By gradually pressing down on the toilet handle, you can perform your flush function exactly when there is enough water, without using an extra drop, without flushing the tank! I know, put a brick in it, but sometimes you need the full content.

And I recently came up with some great suggestions.
To my Credit Union: You have a notice on your ATM “DON’T FORGET YOUR CARD”. Well, how about we add “Don’t forget your money”.

I was a bit embarrassed by the time I took my card and left the $200 cash. P

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