Who I Am Is Love

Thirty years ago I wrote my mission statement for my life. It read: “I am here to feel connected to love and to help others feel their connection to universal love as well.”

Who I Am Is Love
Who I Am Is Love

This is a noble statement and it has served me well. Recently, as I have grown spiritually, I have rewritten my mission statement to match my expanded soul’s expression.

Here is how it reads now: “My mission in life is to remember that who I am in love and to help others to remember that they are love too.”

I have evolved from the notion that “I am connected to love,” for that implies that love is outside of me somewhere, invisible and unseen and I must drink it in for nourishment.

I must seek it and claim it to feel complete. If this is the case, I have to keep resupplying myself with this outside source to stay connected to love.

I unconsciously seek ways to fill this believed deficit in myself based on the false belief that “who I am is not love.”

This external quest for love is exhausting. It may include attending numerous seminars, going to counseling, searching dating sites, or doing good acts towards others to earn their positive regard.

I am not separate from the source of love! People can seek endless different external ways to get connected to a feeling of love. The result is usually an empty dissatisfaction.

Who I Am Is Love
Who I Am Is Love

Who I Am Is Love

There is divine perfection in the universe and that source is within us all, and it is love.

Thinking that who I am is not enough, or that I am not pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, or successful enough continues to feed the delusion that I am separate from the source of goodness and love.

The way out of this fantasy is to recognize and embody the fact that “who I am in love.”

” One method that I use is to remind myself of a simple phrase I read on a greeting card, “All there is, is love, and my resistance to it.”

If I apply this principle to my life, I see that my mind wants to judge, separate, and compartmentalize everything and everyone.

I free myself to accept and appreciate the myriad ways the spirit of the universe expresses itself as love. I don’t have to change you or your beliefs to feel OK.

We are love and we are one in this sea of life. We are connected at the deepest level of our beings. Perhaps this feeling of connection and belonging is what each of us deeply seeks from life.

Who I Am Is Love

Does knowing that we are love mean that we just sit on the sidelines of life and merely radiate love without contributing our time and talents to what is happening in this world?

Who I Am Is Love
Who I Am Is Love

No! not!

It is love. From this place of fullness, we can implement change in the world by inviting others to join us in remembering their innermost divine nature and reconnect to their wholeness and purpose.

This is the work that I do as a practicing psychic.

This shift in awareness changes the choices we make regarding how we treat ourselves, and how we contribute our love to the world.

One of the by-products of remembering that we are not separate from each other is compassion.

With compassion comes understanding and with understanding comes the ability and the willingness to reach out and help people who are spiritually suffering.

Here is an example from my own life.

There is an older retired man who lives in my apartment complex who lives alone and is quite reclusive. Let’s call him Jake. He lives downstairs in the middle of the building right between the two stairwells.

Upon investigation, I learned that Jake watches everything that goes on in the building.

Who I Am Is Love

My first reaction was “What the heck!

” Notice how quickly I went into a mode of “Us vs. Him.” The truth is, this man is lonely and frightened and has forgotten that he is love.”

The Course in Miracles says, “Every loving thought is true.

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