Why All Self Help Books Are For Women

This headline IS READY! Just because I’m a man, do you think I’m not reading about relationships?

Just because the idea of my conversation is an analysis of the average running run earned by retired baseball players, do you think I’m shallow? Hmmm … on better thinking, maybe learning about women from my workaholic divorced dad or my comic book collection wasn’t the best idea.

Why All Self Help Books Are For Women
Why All Self Help Books Are For Women

Men are really simple creatures. Women – no. (At least that’s how MY men) Both sexes are very simple.

If we study the history and biology of mankind, we can resolve half of the misunderstanding between our communication equations.

In anthropological and historical terms, men are suppliers. We used our forces to “kill the mastodon … bring it back to the cave … create more people.”

Our females have spent millions of years raising and caring for their young. It is only in the last 100 years that these roles have merged, intersected, and otherwise mixed.

Think about the time zone. It’s like telling you for 50 years that the world is flat, you live in it, you breathe it,

your parents were both told that, and so on, and then over in less than a second everything changed. The earth has always been round, have you not seen?

Men produce billions of sperm a year. Why? Of course to reproduce the species! Women make 1 egg a month … hmmm …. I’m not a math genius, but isn’t that right here?

Yes, I know many of our guys don’t know how to swim, some are militant sperm designed to attack and kill other guys ’sperm.

But the fact remains that men can reproduce in their 70s, women in their late 40s / early 50s, and our desire to reproduce at any cost is the reason our species reproduce on the planet.

Why All Self Help Books Are For Women
Why All Self Help Books Are For Women

Why All Self Help Books Are For Women

Now suddenly women are telling us that we have to look for our feelings?

Uh, my feelings lie in my pants, my dear. It’s not my fault. Blame the evolution, God, or that last murder of Mastodon that made me feel so masculine!

If we are serious, we CAN talk, share feelings and interact with women.

It’s just not that easy to implement. And for that, we can blame the media, our parents, and everyone else who uttered the following words:

The list goes on and on. Men from an early age are conditioned not to cry, not to express their feelings, and not to express any emotions.

Is it evolution or an environmental condition? Probably both, my beautiful lady. (Or “Stores” if you like 80’s movies)

Why All Self Help Books Are For Women

So for us to communicate emotionally and physically and if a woman wants us to express our inner feelings, we need to take a break from masculinity and listen.

If you are a woman and want a deeper connection or just want to avoid disputes, the simplest strategy is to be attentive to your needs, relax and not ask (at least not directly) “how we feel”. This is a cruel question, and we don’t seriously know how to answer it.

Why All Self Help Books Are For Women
Why All Self Help Books Are For Women

I’m sorry.


It takes patience and a little manipulation on your part (shouldn’t be a problem, right?)

Since men are visual and almost walking erections, appeal to that aspect of yours and you’ll be able to give us all the information you want.

Professional spies have been doing this for many years. You can too!

I do not offer to sleep with the enemy here. I suggest being that incredibly hot girl you were when she met you!

You were a girl before you became a wife. Maybe 12 years of marriage, 2.5 children, a mortgage, sleepless nights, and endless piano recitals have made you both forget what it means to be a boyfriend/girlfriend and meet each other.

Since you’re smarter than him, go ahead and start meeting (with revenge!).

Dress up in the sexiest outfit, snatch it after work, go to a cheap hotel and shake the world. Don’t even try to tell me it won’t positively affect him!

Why All Self Help Books Are For Women

Guys, if you want to have sex with a smoking woman and put that “posed” glow on both faces every other day, MUST learn the skills of deep, emotional communication with your woman.

It’s not as simple as saying, “I love you,” or “You’re everything to me.” Words are a great start. But women are, of course, smarter than us.

A husband must lead, first making changes in Himself, before expecting his wife to become hot.

We researched and interviewed nearly a hundred couples and women to understand the essence of sex in a relationship from a woman’s perspective. We did it because (usually speaking) guys want more sex.

Women too. They just call it love. Men want sex to “feel” love, and women want love to have sex. It’s simple, but many men make the wrong mistakes. They think

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